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Product Description

This eating plan features a rotating menu of vegan (100% plant-based) meals, fixed meat-free (may contain eggs and/or dairy) dishes or a combination of the two. You can customize and order any 2 or 3 meals per day for up to 21 days of no repeat dishes.

Meals are not calorie-counted or carb-controlled. Therefore, IT IS NOT DESIGNED AS A WEIGHT LOSS PLAN or diet so much as a healthier lifestyle choice. As Albert Einstein once said, “Nothing will benefit health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

  • Designed by a nutritionist
  • Option to avail any 2-3 meals/day
  • 4 to 21-day plans available for any 2 or 3 meals/day plan
  • 15-day option is for 3 weeks of Mon-Friday deliveries
  • 3-week rotating Vegan Menu (Option A) which you may order as is or combine with a fixed Meat-Free Menu (Option B)
  • Some Meat-Free Menu dishes contain Quorn, a meat substitute made from Mycoprotein, a nutritious, all-natural protein source from the fungi family like a truffle or morel
  • Lunch and dinner packages are delivered the day of consumption before 12 noon while all packages that include breakfast will be delivered the day before with no specific schedule


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GO Vegan / Vegetarian


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