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Product Description

A modified ketogenic-friendly pescetarian (seafood/vegetarian meals) diet plan, this is perfect for those looking to shed pounds the healthy way while observing Lent.

  • Calories in meals computed at 60-75% from fat, 15-30% from protein, and 5-10% from carbs
  • 3 to 5-day meal plan
  • 3 options:
    • Butter Coffee or Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meals
    • Butter Coffee, Lunch and Dinner meals + Snack
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meals + Snack
  • Butter “Bulletproof” Coffee – Organic coffee, grass-fed butter and stevia included with option to purchase a bottle of CocoMCT Oil here or on your own
  • Cut-off for orders is 12 noon, 3 days before delivery
  • Delivered the day before consumption with no specific time
  • Last delivery on SALE is March 28, 2018



1-day Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Vegetable Quiche Cups
Lunch: Quorn “Pepperoni” Pizza
Snack: Roasted Cashews
Dinner: Yang Chao Cauli-Rice

The Sexy Chef thanks Eugene Constantino for contributing food photos featured here.

KETO for Lent


# of Days

Add Oil for Butter Coffee: