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Product Description

Our gluten-free Paleo Diet is based on what cavemen would eat and focuses on lean meats, fish, fruit, veggies and nuts, avoiding grains and processed foods.


  • Perfect for meat lovers
  • Easily metabolized
  • Avoids foods that only became part of our diet later on in history, causing us to gain weight and become sick
  • Popular with gym enthusiasts because of its high protein content – the building blocks for building sexy, lean muscles
  • High-protein, low-carb
  • No dairy, grains, legumes or refined white sugar
  • All-natural and preservative-free ingredients
  • Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner & 1 snack
  • Desserts are made with coconut products
  • Delivered the day before consumption with no specific time
  • Cut-off for orders is 12 noon and start of deliveries will be 3 days after


1-day menu sample

Breakfast: Vegetable Quiche Cups
Lunch: Oven-fried Chicken Tenders with Yam Home Fries
Snack: Trail Mix
Dinner: Seafood Mongolian Stir-fry

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