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Product Description

Co-created by Nadine Tengco, this plan has meals that total 1,200 or 1,400 calories per day with fat-fighting nutrients that prevent the storage of fat, now fortified with C-Lium FIBRE.

What are the benefits of including FIBRE in your diet?

– Helps lower bad cholesterol

– Manages blood sugar levels

– Helps regulate bowel movements

– Helps in eliminating excess fats


  • Nutrient-dense, calorie-controlled
  • Includes all food groups
  • Fortified with the Fat-Fighting 4 Nutrients (calcium, fibre, Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D)
  • Includes 1 packet of C-Lium FIBRE to be dissolved in water and taken 30 mins before first meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks – one of which includes a 2nd packet of C-Lium FIBRE mixed in as part of the ingredients
  • You lose weight even if the portions seem big
  • Weight loss results are typically 2-3 lbs/week, can be more depending on activity level and current body mass
  • Contains lean protein, high-fibre vegetables, legumes, nuts, fruits, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and bread
  • Comes in 2 calorie levels: 1,200 cal/day and 1,400 cal/day
  • Delivered the day before consumption with no specific time
  • Cut-off for orders is 12 noon and start of deliveries will be 3 days after


1-day sample menu

Before breakfast drink: C-Lium FIBRE in water
Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros
Snack 1: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies
Lunch: C-Lium FIBRE Fortified McSteamy Beef Burger
Snack 2: Fruit Cup
Dinner: Vietnamese Chicken Salad with Oriental Dressing

The Sexy Chef thanks Eugene Constantino for contributing food photos featured here.


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Pounds Away with C-Lium FIBRE


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