How do I know which Diet Plan/Fit Meal will work best for me?

Check out the descriptions on their dedicated pages on this website and if you are still unsure or need any clarification/advice, The Sexy Chef’s in-house nutritionist will be happy to assist you during office hours (8am-5pm) via email or phone call.


What is the difference between Diet Plans and Fit Meals?

Diet Plans are premium, nutritionist-designed eating plans for those looking to lose weight, get lean and or/detoxify. They take the guesswork out of weight management as they include complete meals for the day. No need to prepare breakfast, snacks, measure portions or count calories. Because they are all-inclusive, they provide the utmost convenience for our clients.

Fit Meals are lunch and dinner packages. In some cases, you may order per day but most of our clients like tthe convenience of purchasing 5 to 7-day packages. No breakfast and snacks are included. Those looking to eat healthy and maintain their weight would benefit from these packages the most. They may also complement a weight loss eating plan when combined with other meals while making sure not to exceed one’s caloric allotment for the day.


What are the covered areas of your delivery?

We deliver anywhere within Metro Manila.


How do I order Diet Plans, Fit Meals and other offerings?

You may order them online, by email at [email protected] or by calling our hotline numbers: 721-8881/721-7399 and 09177992433/09178948881. We can take your call between 8 AM-5 PM 7 days a week and for emails, you can expect a reply within 24 hours. WE STRICTLY DO NOT ACCEPT ORDERS VIA SMS/TEXT MESSAGES.

Diet Programs must be purchased 3 days before the scheduled first day of delivery. All Healthy Meals must be ordered on or before 12 noon the day before delivery except for 350-Calorie Healthy Bentos which needs to ordered on or before 12 noon 2 days before delivery.

The Sexy Chef Cookbook can take 2-3 days to delivery after purchase.


How do I pay and schedule the delivery of my order?

You may pay online or through bank deposit. We will send you our bank details as soon you notify us of your order. Full payment is required before we schedule your first delivery. NO PAYMENT, NO DELIVERY. Send a photo of your deposit slip in time for the specific cut-offs of our diet programs and healthy meal packages mentioned above via e-mail at [email protected] or call our hotline numbers to confirm your online payment.


When or what time are the meals delivered?

For Diet Plans, meals are delivered a day before consumption. It will be from 11am to 7pm with no specific time.
For the Fit Meals, they are delivered on or before 12 noon with no specific time on the day of consumption.
We cannot commit to a specific time for deliveries since all meals will be coming from our commissary in Quezon City and it will depend on the number and area of deliveries per day.


Can I make special requests for my meals (i.e. food allergies, food preferences)?

For Diet Plans, we can accommodate food allergies and preferences depending on the extent of these restrictions/preferences. Special requests are subject to approval of our chef, who will have to arrange for a replacement of your meal, and a possible price change. Kindly send us an e-mail or call/text us in our hotline numbers before placing an order if you have any special food request. For Fit Meals, we do not accommodate any changes as the meals are part of fixed menus. However, Dine Lite 350-Calorie Meals and Vegetarian Package provide menu options that you may order as is or customize.


Can I cancel or hold our deliveries?

Cancellation of orders once already purchased is not allowed. You may opt to change the schedule of your delivery.

For Diet Plans, holding/change of delivery schedule must be advised at least 3 days prior to the date you wish to hold/change.

For Fit Meals, holding/change of delivery schedule must be advised at least 1 day before the date you wish to hold/change except for 350-Cal Healthy Bentos which must be advised at least 2 days before. Cut-off is still on or before 12 noon in all cases.


Can I change the delivery address?

For changes in the delivery address, kindly advise our Customer Care Representative via phone call or e-mail at least a day before the scheduled delivery.