Losing weight and eating healthy is much easier with The Sexy Chef. Here’s how the process works:

  • Choose the right meal plan for you.
    • We know that every body is different and that no single diet plan works for everyone. That’s why The Sexy Chef offers different kinds of healthy meals to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals through proper nutrition. If your goal is detoxification or long-term weight loss, we have a diverse range of Diet Plans that provide you with meals for a whole day every week. You can also opt for our Fit Meals, which are customizable, budget-friendly lunch and dinner meal packages.
    • Not sure what to order? Our in-house nutritionists can help you decide. For a free consultation, you may call us during office hours 7 days a week on our hotlines: 721-8881, 721-7399, (0917) 894-8881 and (0917) 799-2433 or send us a private message at https://www.facebook.com/thesexychef.
  • Place your order. 
    • The minimum order for our meal plans is five days, giving you enough time to adjust to the changes in your diet and even begin to see some results. We also offer other healthy products you can enjoy individually anytime. You can order online here, email, [email protected], or call our hotlines.
  • Payment
    • You can pay for your order in three ways:
      1. Credit card
      2. Bank deposit/transfer
      3. Cash/check payment pick-up (free)
    • Payment cut-off is 12:00 noon every day.
  • Know your delivery schedule.
    • You will receive your order of any of our Diet Plans three (3) days after we receive your payment. Delivery is made one day before consumption without a specific delivery time. (For example, you order a plan for September 17, which means you will receive your food on September 16.)
    • You will receive your order of any of our Fit Meals one (1) day after we receive your payment. Meals are delivered before 12 noon on the day of consumption.
    • Other product offerings have specific lead times for delivery
  • Receive your order.
    • At The Sexy Chef, we prepare every single dish carefully using only the most premium ingredients and use little to no preservatives. Then we pack them in reheatable containers and send them on your way through our riders. Someone should be present at your Metro Manila delivery location to receive your meals, and then make sure to store them in the refrigerator if you won’t be eating the meals right away.