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by Chef Barni & Rachel Alejandro, co-founders

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Whether your goal is to boost immune health, lose weight, manage a medical condition or simply enjoy nutritious meals with the family, you can trust us to provide safe, healthy food with our contact-free deliveries. Need help? Message our nutrition specialist. We deliver within Metro Manila.

Delivery Fees

Required Minimum Purchase

How to Schedule Deliveries



We start preparing your food only after we receive payment to ensure that it is always fresh. Payments are through credit card, bank deposit/transfer, or GCash.



You will be notified by text message/call when your delivery has been left at your doorstep or building lobby. Acknowledge by replying to the text or call. All food that are not shelf-stable must be stored immediately in the refrigerator. Meals come reheatable containers that we encourage you to return for recycling. To minimize single plastic use, we do not include plastic utensils.

Meal Plans

  • Low Carb

    Balanced meals of lean protein, fresh veggies + Skinny “Rice” (made from konjac; contains 15 kcal, 4.4 net carbs per serving). Choice of 2 or 3 meals per day.

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  • Pescatarian meal plan that focuses on fresh seafood and fiber-rich carbs. Calorie and portion-controlled, it can help with weight loss, boost immunity and prolong life.

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  • Diet meals that help manage medical conditions:

    Diabetes  ●  Hypertension  ●  High Cholesterol  ●  GERD  ●  Gout  ●  Hyperthyroidism  ●  PCOS

    For a free consultation with our nutritionist, call/text 0917-7992433 or Viber 0906-4646008 or fi

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  • South Beach Meal Plan

    Lean protein mains with nutrient-dense vegetable sides. No starchy foods. Effective for weight management.

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  • Protein-rich breakfast + main meals made with lean protein + cauliflower-assorted veggie mix instead of rice for weight management. Choice of 2 or 3 meals per day. Also known as “Low-Carb Lites”.

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  • Calorie-Controlled Meal Plan

    Immunity-boosting, low-calorie meals for weight management. Includes all food groups, fortified with superfood Malunggay. Also known as “Fit Factor”.

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  • A nutrition-conscious take on the popular “Keto Diet” for weight management, increased energy and mental clarity.

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  • Plant-Based Meal Plan

    Vegan, high-fiber, low-calorie and low-fat.

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A La Carte

₱500 minimum purchase, may be combined with Meal Plans, Promos and/or Merchandise items.

Low-Carb & Sugar-Free

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₱500 minimum purchase, may be combined with Meal Plans, A La Carte and/or Promo items


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Meal Plans

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Healthy hot meals and dessert for virtual or in-person meetings & celebrations.
Minimum of 5 pax per menu.


₱500 minimum purchase, may be combined with Meal Plans, A La Carte and/or Promo items.


₱500 minimum purchase, may be combined with Meal Plans, A La Carte and/or Gifts.

Prices include shopper’s fee, credit card fee and VAT

Let us be your personal shopper! We can purchase and deliver ingredients, cookbooks and other essentials to help you stay healthy and create your own dishes at home.

Questions? Comments? Something not working? Contact us.

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Meal Plans: ₱60 per day, per plan or client, per address delivery fee added at check out.

A La Carte, Promos & Merchandise: ₱100 per address, per delivery date. Delivery fee added at check out. When combined with Meal Plan, no separate delivery fee.

For same day delivery option on selected A La Carte products:
Text or call (0917) 886-2616 to order and send proof of payment. Cut-off for orders and payments is 1:00 pm. Customer to book pick-up by 4:00 pm the latest.

Catering: Delivery fee will be quoted based on the details of your inquiry.

Meal Plans

Select your plan and start delivery date which can be any day of the week. Cut-off for payments is 12 noon of any day to be delivered 3 days later at the soonest. Meals are delivered the day before consumption with no specific time.

If purchasing more than one plan in the same transaction, please indicate at check out if you are 2 or more persons to be served on the same dates or if you are scheduling one for the coming week and the rest for the succeeding week/s. We can also deliver to different addresses if you prefer.

Fees are computed per plan/client, per delivery address added at check out. Please note that the reason multiple plans purchased together, even when delivered to the same address, incur separate delivery fees is each Meal Plan takes up space in our cooler boxes, our delivery riders' compensation are computed per plan/client and not per delivery.

A La Carte, Promos & Merchandise Items

Cut off for orders/payments is 12 noon for delivery the next day or preferred later date with no specific time. We make an exception for weekend deliveries.

You may indicate at check out if you wish for any a la carte or promo items to be delivered on or before 12 noon on Saturday or Sunday. We accommodate this for those who wish to enjoy these items for lunch on weekends.

For same day delivery option on selected A La Carte products:
Text or call (0917) 886-2616 to order and send proof of payment. Cut-off for orders and payments is 1:00 pm. Customer to book pick-up by 4:00 pm the latest.


Please contact Ann Arias at +639178387062 or email [email protected] at least 3 days before for orders based on our website menus and at least 10 days before your event for a customized menu.

Make a bank deposit/transfer to any of the following banks or make a GCash payment:

Acct. Name: Bernadette J. Alejandro
Acct. No.: 0403-1427-19

Acct. Name: The Sexy Chef, Inc.
Acct. No: 00-4620-0603-83

Bernadette Alejandro

Email a copy of the deposit slip/transaction record to [email protected]  with your full name, complete delivery address and contact number.

Cash/Check Advance Payment Pick-up Procedure

Day 1: Schedule your payment pick-up by email (link) with the following information: Full name, payment pick-up & delivery address, contact number and order(s) with total price.
Day 2: Payment will be picked up 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, to be confirmed the morning of that day.
Day 3 & 4: We prepare your order.
Day 5: We deliver with no specific time unless you schedule a later date.

Meal Plans: 5 days minimum

A La Carte, Promos & Merchandise: ₱500 per order, may be combined.

Catering: Minimum of 5 pax per menu