• Sesame Chicken, Misono Vegetables with Cauli-Rice 800x600

    Nutrient-dense meals made of lean protein, fresh veggies + low-carb rice substitute.
    Choice of Skinny “Rice” (made from konjac; contains 15 kcal, 4.4 net carbs per serving) or Cauli-Rice.

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  • Charlie Chan-Style Pasta

    Nutritionally balanced meals that include all food groups for losing weight by tracking macros, specifically by consuming less calories than we burn.

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  • Pescatarian meal plan that focuses on fresh seafood and fiber-rich carbs. Calorie and portion-controlled, it can help with weight loss, boost immunity and prolong life.

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  • Plant-Based Meal Plan

    Vegan, high-fiber, low-calorie and low-fat.

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  • Diet meals that help manage medical conditions:

    Diabetes  ●  Hypertension  ●  High Cholesterol  ●  GERD  ●  Gout  ●  Hyperthyroidism  ●  PCOS

    For a free consultation with our nutritionist, call/text 0917-7992433 or Viber 0906-4646008 or fi

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