• Nutrient-dense meals made of lean protein, fresh veggies + low-carb rice substitute.
    Choice of Skinny “Rice” (made from konjac; contains 15 kcal, 4.4 net carbs per serving) or Cauli-Rice.

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  • Pescatarian meal plan that focuses on seafood, whole grains, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits. Supplemented by superfoods green tea, collagen and flax seeds to support weight loss, smooth skin and healthy joints.

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  • Nutritionally balanced meals that include all food groups for losing weight by tracking macros, specifically by consuming less calories than we burn.

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  • Vegan, high-fiber, low-calorie and low-fat.

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  • Diet meals that help manage medical conditions:

    Diabetes  ●  Hypertension  ●  High Cholesterol  ●  GERD  ●  Gout  ●  Hyperthyroidism  ●  PCOS

    For a free consultation with our nutritionist, call/text 0917-7992433 or Viber 0906-4646008 or fi

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